Raised Garden Beds

Grow your own vegetables with raised garden beds

Whether you have a green thumb or you’re all thumbs, anyone can grow organic vegetables right in their backyard. Grow up to $900 of organic vegetables a year in our custom-made raised garden beds.

Organic Vegetables grown in your backyard

Why Raised Garden Beds?

Our raised garden beds come ready to grow, so you can put them just about anywhere. We provide the soil, so you can rest assured that it is chemical-free and healthy. This is the cleanest, greenest way to feed your family.

Bryan from Backyard Groceries will consult on the best options for your property.

The height of our raised garden beds makes maintenance and weed management a synch. No more backache from bending down or pain from kneeling.

You just sit back and watch your garden grow.

How it Works

Place your order and we will have your raised garden bed installed in just one day.

Every Raised Bed Installation comes with a FREE Coaching Session

Replete with our special compost mix and organic fertilizer, each box comes with a free coaching session so you know exactly what to do.

Want a turnkey solution? We can plant your raised garden bed with heirloom open-pollenated vegetables or transplant your seedlings free of charge.

Raised Garden Bed Specs

Raised garden bed example Our raised garden beds are stackable and constructed from untreated Spruce or long-lasting Cedar for thirty-two square feet of primed growing space. The box consists of a wooden 2″ barrier which is embedded into the ground. Two inch wide boards resist rot and last for 4 to 6 years.

Single Level

8 inches deep. The standard choice when starting your own mini-farm with multiple beds.

Double Decker

Sixteen inches provides ample depth for all but the deepest root vegetables.

Two Footer

24″ provides generous space for growing roots even without preparing the soil beneath. Ideal for those with back or knee pain as it requires no bending.

Everything is included

Free Coaching Session includes planting your seeds / transplants with you as we advise you on placement and Companion Planting of your Heirloom selections. This offer is designed to teach you about your raised bed and is only offered on installation day.

8″ Single Level 16″ Double Decker 24″ Two Footer
Natural Cedar $670 $970 $1270
Natural Spruce $600 $900 $1200

Alternative Raised Beds

Garden bed against a fence / Stone wall garden bed

Ecocut always strives to maximize your growing space. Our idea is that a raised bed should be made to fit your area, not the other way around!

In the past, we have made beds bordered by stone, metal, and wood to fit corners in backyards and the sides of houses. In this sense, we basically act as a standard landscaping company with an emphasis on building beds which can be used to grow excellent produce and save you money!