Lawn Repair

Ecocut Lawncare provide a fast, friendly lawn repair (sodding service) for as little as $1.85 per/sqft.

  1. Our process:

  2. 1 Clear existing dead grass.
  3. 2 Add a fresh layer of triple mix soil.
  4. 3 Lay down brand new sod.

If you have a damaged lawn from insect infestation, water damage, or poor soil conditions, this is the best way to correct the problem.

Once the sod is installed, the most important part begins – the watering. It is absolutely crucial to keep the lawn constantly moist for the first 14 days. That means watering it at least 2 times a day, and if possible – even more! The extensive watering schedule must be maintained during the first weeks after Sodding is done, until the roots take deeper into the ground, and are able to draw moisture deeper below the surface. Ask about our Raccoon Protection for your new sod.

Clean. Green. Organic. Sustainable lawn care service.

Ecocut Lawncare use clean electric and biodiesel powered equipment for grass cutting and lawn repair that is run on renewable energy. Our electric equipment is charged during the day by solar panels mounted on our trucks and trailers. We use organic fertilizers and weed control options and any emissions associated with powering our biodiesel equipment or driving our trucks are offset with verified vehicle emissions offsets purchased from Planetair.

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*Book a minimum 600sq foot sod or lawn repair before May 30, 2016 and receive $100 discount.