About Us

We’re not just tree huggers…

ecocut portable solar trailerWe also love lawns, shrubs and gardens too. Ecocut Lawn Care is the first clean air lawn care service in Canada. Our goal is to provide a clean, green, sustainable lawn care service that is powered by renewable energy. We intend to eliminate and/or reduce our dependence on fossil fuel, use quieter more efficient electric equipment, provide organic weed, fertilizer and pest control options and in some cases use a good old fashioned push mower. All this to protect future generations from the harmful effects of dirty gas mowers and unnatural lawn care practices.

Service with a smile

Our staff are friendly, professionally trained and eager to provide excellent customer service! Give us a try, you won’t regret it. We believe that being environmentally friendly should begin with your front lawn.

Joe Gidari – Operations Manager

Jonathan PoutesAs the Operations Manager of a brand new environmentally friendly concept in weekly lawn care – Ecocut Lawn Care, I invite you try something different, something that will turn the lawn care industry on its ear and fill you with a sense of pride in having a well manicured lawn that doesn’t sacrifice the air we breathe nor the water we drink. A service that truly is “lawn care”.


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