Fall Clean Up

Save $25 on fall clean up

Need your Eavestrough Cleaned?

Don’t Break Your Back Raking Leaves

Fall clean up services are an important part of preparing your lawn and garden for the winter as well as ensuring that it stays healthy until spring arrives. Not to mention the hidden dangers of slipping on wet leaves left under the snow.

Take advantage of an Ecocut thorough fall clean up lawn services during the months of October and November to ensure a vibrant garden in spring. But remember space is limited! Our leaf clean up service is pretty comprehensive and includes the bags.

Book your fall clean up now and save $25

Here’s how it works:

  • 2 Ecocut GardenMasters will be sent to your home in October to perform first clean up
  • We rake all leaves on lawn and in gardens
  • We supply all yard waste bags
  • We clean up and bag all yard waste
  • We place yard waste at end of driveway for city pickup*
  • Then we make a second trip in November to make sure we got everything
  • Cost is $85 per/hr (minimum 2hr commitment)

We make TWO trips to your home to ensure a thorough clean up. One in October, and a follow up visit in November.**

Additional Services Can be added for $85 per/hr

  • Fall pruning of shrubs: Pruning shrubs several times during the growing season or when they are dormant could impact their growth. We recommend fall pruning as it takes care of any dead or decaying parts and encourages shrubs to stay healthy during the cold.
  • Removal of annual flowers and pruning of perennials: As with the leaves it is important to remove remnants of annuals. Pruning of perennials also increases their chance of survival for the¬† next growing season.
  • Final lawn cutting: Mowing your lawn to the correct height in fall ensures that it remains moist and has access to nutrients from the soil. Our lawn specialists will do a final lawn cutting to promote thick, healthy and drought-resistant turf next season.
  • Winter preparation of shrubs/plants as needed: It is important to winterize your garden. Our process includes covering young plants and shrubs with burlap as well as piling dirt and mulch around beds to protect them from the cold.

Book Fall Clean up Now! Space is limited.