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grass cuttingEcocut uses clean electric and biodiesel powered equipment for grass cutting and landscape maintenance that is run on renewable energy. Our electric equipment is charged during the day by solar panels mounted on our trucks, trailers, and portable solar generators. We use organic fertilizers and weed control options and any emissions associated with powering our biodiesel equipment or driving our trucks are offset with verified vehicle emissions offsets purchased from Planetair.

"We're quite happy with the work done on our small lawn (Approx. 120 sq ft). Our lawn has never looked so great and such a nice dark green! The workers were very professional and cleaned up the dirt around our lawn afterwards. I also like that they used Nematodes (a natural alternative to kill the grubs in our soil). I would recommend them to friends."

Toronto, ON

"I loved these guys, from the little notes they left after completing the job to the way they seemed to just care that little bit more than other gardeners I've had. Of course, it is all the better because half the time I don't even hear them working - the electric equipment is much quieter and should be a requirement in the city! All in all you might pay a little more than some (but less than others too really), and the service is great."

East York, ON

"I was raring to write a testimonial for the company ecocut under the diligent direction of the operations manager Conrad Stone. In fact I was so impressed with the workmanship of Conrad's team that I was eager to write the testimonial before the work was actually completed. So that speaks volumes for the company. A big thank you to Conrad and his hardworking team."

Toronto, ON

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We are committed to beautifully groomed lawns. We offer weekly grass cutting for residential and commercial lawns. Our service includes lawn mowing, trimming, blowing, and bagging of grass clippings for yard waste pickup. All this effort with less noise and no fossil fuels. Not only is Ecocut greener, we’re also affordable. GET A FREE QUOTE and see for yourself.

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Jonathan Poutes“ If you live in Durham, Scarborough or Markham and need a lawn care service, why not try one that cares about the environment? Give us a call – we’re clean, quiet and renewable. ”

– Joe Gidari, Operations Manager